Make New Mistakes Bcoz Mistakes teach us.

Making mistakes is a guarantee in life. You can’t avoid them entirely, no matter what you do. What matters more than any blunder or its magnitude is your response afterward.

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again.” — Roy H. Williams

We all make mistakes. We make mistakes when attempting our questions in the exams, when playing cricket, making drawings, reciting a poem, writing a blog post and when doing anything on any normal day. It is human nature to make mistakes, and it is from these mistakes we learn and become better.

It is through mistakes that we become wiser, and so you should allow yourself to make mistakes, don’t be afraid of making them, and just be afraid of not trying anything new for the fear of making mistakes, because it is in that moment where you make the biggest mistake of all: The mistake of being too afraid to live truly.

If you’re learning, you won’t go wrong. You dont learn much by doing everything right. When you think you have made a mistake think of it as an opportunity to make something beautiful.

Do You know what mistakes can do to us?

We are all mere mortals and making mistakes is part of living a long active life. Yet, we still should be able to learn from those who have come before us.

We all make mistakes. And mostly, we all wish we didn’t.

Yet maybe there are benefits of making mistakes we should celebrate. Just as a mild illness or infection can give our bodies a cleansing boost, encouraging renewal, growth and learning in our cells. Our mistakes can be an opportunity to develop emotionally, in character, thought and action.

Most, if not all, of your mistakes, can be excellent learning opportunities. In fact, learning from failure is often the key to success. By getting things wrong, you’ll improve your skills and grow in various ways.

Mistakes make us face our fears

Every day we face our fears in some form or the other, however, our fearfulness and acceptance of change comes only after we make a mistake. You may be afraid to study mathematics because of coming up with the wrong answer, however, the errors will lead you to learn how to correctly solve questions.

Mistakes focus the mind on what really matters.

Mistakes help us focus on what we really want. When we mess up in our relationships and fear hurting, or even losing, those we love, our mistakes are a valuable wake up call. They can motivate and inspire us. Helping us to gain clarity and commitment, to try harder and to appreciate that which matters most.

Experiencing Failure Makes Success more Sweet!

If a child wins every single, solitary basketball game she ever plays, success is the expectation. That endless success loses its meaning, and hence, the intensity of the reward becomes muted. When students repeatedly experience loss and failure, the success that follows a boatload of hard work and dedication tastes better than a hot fudge sundae! No, really! Watch an underdog team win a championship. There’s nothing better (unless, of course, you’re rooting for the opposing team).

Mistakes gives us an experience

We understand the mistakes we make in order to avoid them in the future. Understanding what we did wrong will make it easier to do it the right way in future. The experience we get from failure and mistakes gives us the courage to try new things and also provides us with the vision of what we want and need to do.

Making mistakes is easy. Learning from mistakes takes effort. Here are three ways we can all make better decisions in the future. Admit it, Learn from it and Don’t repeat it.

Mistakes makes us strong

Mistakes also give us the experience to make ourselves stronger than before. Suppose every time you draw something on a paper with oil colours, the colours spread and create a mess on the paper. However, with time and experience, you come to realise that colour pencils or crayons are a better tool when drawing on paper. Once realised, your drawings become colourful, neat and you enjoy doing it too.

Mistakes are our friends

People seldom accept mistakes as good experiences. Thinking of mistakes as bitter experiences will not help you become better. Our society deems that mistakes are bad and those who make them have some problem.

This is a concept we must reject. It is the mistakes we make and our ability to learn from them that make us better students and professionals.

Mistakes make us confident

Our lack of decision-making, hastiness, ignorance of rules and miscalculations result in mistakes. However, once we rectify our mistakes and accept our faults, we gain command of the task and resolve never to make the same mistake again.

This self-confidence is important to succeed in life. Life is a game and to become successful — whether in our daily life, school or at office — we need to embrace our mistakes openheartedly.

Mistakes liberate us from the myth of perfection.

Sharing our mistakes in this way reassures us all. Perfection is a myth that can bind us, rooted to the spot, reluctant and fearful we don’t measure up. But our mistakes can be liberating, destroying the illusion of perfection, and freeing us and those around us from the cruel deception that everyone else has got it sorted.

Mistakes help you find right methods

The combination of trial and error cannot be stressed upon any further for they both work simultaneously. In the process of learning, you try repeatedly until you reach your result, and make errors until you find the right method of completing the task.

Imagine the time when you were making your transition from riding a bicycle with trainer wheels to a two-wheel bicycle without trainer wheels. You would fall down, scratch your knees and elbows, have difficulty balancing the bicycle and even crash on the wall. However, after trials and errors, you eventually did learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle with ease.

Mistakes help us to learn and to grow.

When we make mistakes, we gain experience of what works and what doesn’t. The perfect reality check. Mistakes expose gaps in our knowledge and skills and provide new information to help us move forward. Stepping stones on our way to success, our mistakes present us with valuable feedback.

Mistakes guide us the right way and the wrong way

Mistakes guide us to use the right way and avoid the wrong way, which we used to think was the proper method. Learning to tie a shoelace, for example, needs time and technique. You can tie a shoelace any way you want but the right way is to follow the butterfly technique that gives shoelaces a clean single knot without a hassle.

Learning from Mistakes, Inspire others

When we learn from our mistakes, we tend to become an inspiration for others for we can inform what works. Imagine the gift of flying which the Wright Brothers gave to the world. However, they could only do so by failing multiple times when testing their flying machine. Inventors, scientists, and researchers have stumbled many times before inventing new products, and devising new concepts and theories because they learned from their mistakes.

Mistakes fuel our understanding.

And there’s nothing like learning from our own mistakes for helping us get the point. The warnings and experiences of others have great merit and value. But immersed in the reality of making our own mistakes, the lessons we learn become infinitely more memorable, and make so much more sense. And gaining that understanding might just be what keeps us from making bigger mistakes in the future, mistakes that might be much harder to recover from.

Mistakes become stories we can share.

We all love a good story. And recounting our failures can be fun, a chance to revel in the farcical, the foul ups and the fiascos we’ve all found ourselves in. Reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously, our laughter and our tears can be therapeutic, humbling for us and comforting for others.

Mistakes bring us closer together.

Being honest about our own mistakes can increase our empathy and compassion. Appreciating that mistakes are inevitable and that we ourselves have made many, can shape our response when we witness the mistakes of others. Rather than judging, insulting and blaming them, we can be kind and gentle.

And when the mistakes are ours, sometimes we need help to recover. Allowing others to give us a helping hand is a gift that isn’t always easy to give, but may be dearly treasured by those around us. Letting down our guard and exposing our vulnerability can be hard, but the rewards and the relationships we gain can be life-changing.

No one is immune to making mistakes — we are human, after all! But if we simply apologize and carry on as before, we’re in danger of repeating the same errors.

Don’t let mistakes destroy you, don’t let them stop you, and don’t let them become a habit, just do what you have always wanted to do with confidence, make mistakes, learn from them, correct them, and become successful!

Our mistakes can hold immense power, a formidable force for shaping our character. When we get stuck in ruminating and rubbishing ourselves, that power can seriously impact our emotional health and well-being. But if we’re able to take a kinder path, and reflect on our mistakes with care, consideration and compassion we’re more likely to appreciate the messages and the lessons they offer.

Yes, it can be hard to pick ourselves up with grace and with style. But my wish for you and for me is that next time we make a mistake we remember there are bound to be benefits, even if we can’t imagine what they might be in the moment. And that we’re as kind and compassionate to ourselves as we’d wish to be to anyone else we love.

Have a wonderful week, and may all your mistakes be little ones x

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Prawin is a Agile Delivery Manager at Medloop Ltd. London. Accomplished leader with over 15 years of a successful career in Agile & DevOps Transformation.

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Prawin is a Agile Delivery Manager at Medloop Ltd. London. Accomplished leader with over 15 years of a successful career in Agile & DevOps Transformation.